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A wellness focussed organisation producing pure, virgin, cold pressed, edible Organic seed oils, pastes and butters. We use a proprietary system to minimally process our raw materials under optimal, nutrient protecting, processing environments. This involves removing nutrient destroying factors such as light, heat and oxygen.This manufacturing arm combines with distribution of Organic wholesome seeds, grains, pulses and nuts.

Our mission is to restore the health of our community through the awareness and increased consumption of minimally processed, pure plant foods and extracts with “100% Organic Certificate" We have been certified USDA/NOP and EU for organic standards and GMP/HACCP for manufacturing.  

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Organic Cold-pressed Oils

All our unrefined, unfiltered pure oils start with procuring the best quality Organic, non-GMO seeds from committed global Organic farmers. These seeds are transported to our facilities under controlled conditions and then stored in cool & humidity free environments, before being cold pressed in our proprietary environment controlled process. These oils are then packed in Oxygen free vessels and shipped to our customers again under appropriate transport conditions.

Organic Nut Butters & Pastes

Following the ancient traditions of stone milling, we use the best organically sourced nuts and seeds to produce health giving, nutrient rich and wholesome delicious breakfast spreads and snacks. These spreads can be used as spreads; toppings; smoothie enhancers; in baking or as emulsifiers. The choice is yours. Our butters and pastes contain fibre and are rich in protein and many essential vitamins and minerals. Our butters are all natural & pure with no added sugar, preservatives or enhancers. All our butters can come roasted or unroasted.

Organic Superfood Powders

All of our fresh seed powders, are processed as a result of our cold pressing oil extraction. Once the oil extraction process is complete, we lightly grind our cakes and turn them into nutrient rich powder additives. The oil extraction means that the remaining powders possess a higher concentration of proteins, fibre and other micro nutrients, that are suitable as additives into stand alone foods like cereals, porridge or salads or can be incorporated into smoothies, yoghurts or any other beverage mix. Packed under nitrogen flushing or vacuum packed, these nutrient rich powders maintain integrity and stability. The choice of powder is purely dependant on sensory preferences.

Organic Superfoods, Seeds, Nuts, Grains

As these ingredients are the base from which we start our various processes, it is paramount that we have researched and developed relationships through the supply chain to ensure that these products are the purest, healthiest and freshest. Because they get the sign of approval to be used in our process and finished products, they also then become a safe and convenient source of ingredients for many of our home based or commercial customers. We maintain our products in cool and non humid environments, to ensure that at all times they are at their freshest. Our selection is available in 500g and 1kg pouches, as well as bulk if required.


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